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Schedule a telephone appointment

Thank you for your interest in Salvo!

This is the first of two steps to schedule a phone appointment. 

The purpose of the telephone call is to discuss your specific time registration process and to be able to indicate what the options are for you.

We would like to take the time for you, so such a conversation usually lasts from half an hour to 45 minutes, depending on the questions that there are. That is why it is nice not to have that conversation at a random time, but to plan it well.  

Below is a short questionnaire. We would like to ask you to fill it in, so that we can  thus be able to prepare well for the telephone conversation.

After you have completed and sent the questionnaire, you will proceed to the page where you can choose a suitable time for our telephone conversation in an online agenda.  


We look forward to exploring whether we can help you automate your time tracking and getting to know you better.


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