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Cookie Policy and all its subdomain names use various cookies that fall under the category of functional cookies. According to the various laws, this does not require prior permission. These are therefore always posted. They fall under the "legitimate interest" GDPR basis. All other cookies fall under the "consent" basis.  


To give you the best experience on our site, we use a variety of tools that require the use of cookies. For example, if we embed a Youtube or Vimeo video, that video sets cookies. When we display Social Share buttons, they place cookies.  


We use cookies to collect analytical data and to perform tests on our website to see which approach, text, image or video best suits our visitors. That way we can improve your experience.


We also use remarketing cookies so that, after someone has visited our website, we can show them relevant advertisements and messages across the internet.


When you first arrived on this website, we made you aware of our use of cookies.


We are constantly testing and trying out new technologies, so rather than providing an accurate list here, we would like to point you to a way to see exactly what types of cookies we use on this website, which third parties may use the cookies process and how long we keep them. You can see this by visiting our website in the Chrome browser and clicking on the lock in front of the url.  


You can disable cookies in your browser without this having far-reaching consequences for your use of the website. However, the result may be that certain parts are less or no longer accessible to you. On the website you may find a number of links to other websites. Although these websites have been selected with care, we cannot take any responsibility with regard to the use of your data by those organizations. Please read the privacy statement, if any, of the website you are visiting.

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