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Salvo Time Tracking Solutions

Time to innovate your business

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Save time, money and effort with Salvo Time Tracking Solutions.

With Salvo you take the working time registration process completely out of the hands of your field staff and subcontractors. Working hours and locations are registered fully automatically in a new, innovative way. You relieve your field staff and subcontractors, because they no longer have to do anything to track their working hours. Even while they do continue to have full insight into the registrations. And also their privacy is fully respected. Thanks to smart software connections, the working time registration is fully automatically imported into your current business software.

Hands-free time tracking

for field staff and subcontractors

Automatische urenregistratie
Vol automatische urenregistratie
Tracking time with Salvo

Fully automatic, fast and cheap.

  • Field service employees no longer have to administer anything. 

  • Working hours are registered fully automatically.

  • The always correct and precise data can be processed at the touch of a button.

  • This method saves time and therefore money.
    On average about € 1,000 per employee per year. 

  • Secure and privacy-friendly compliant according to the applicable GDPR regulations.

Tracking time without Salvo

Manual, time consuming and expensive.

  • Manually filling in and physically submitting paper timesheets takes, added up over a whole year, a lot of time that could be put to better use.

  • Retyping time sheets in the time portal also takes time and is sensitive to errors, partly because they are often incomplete and difficult to read.

  • As a result the data in your business software is often not correct and neither complete. 

  • These are hidden costs that save you a lot of money.

This can be both much easier and cheaper!!
Automatische urenregistratie


We are happy to take the time for you to answer your questions in a telephone conversation. This way we can see together whether Salvo is suitable for your organization and what savings are possible. 

The Salvo app.

Know who, when and where is working.


The user-friendly and privacy-friendly Salvo App continuously and fully automatically registers the locations and times of your field staff. Even if they have no internet coverage for a while. All data is uploaded to our secure cloud servers and from there, via an API connection, passed on to your time portal.  

Advanced Geofencing

Who is present on a project and when

When an employee enters (or leaves) the site, this is registered. This makes clear during the day which field employee or subcontractor has worked on what project for how long. 

Uren app
API software integration

Connect Salvo to
your time portal

The locations and working hours data recorded by the Salvo app, IoT sensors and the geofences around your project locations are passed to Salvo's secure cloud servers in real time.

IoT Sensors

Combine vehicles with people.

When vehicles of the organization are equipped with smart and innovative sensors from Salvo, it is automatically clear who used which vehicle. And for which project. And more is possible. 

Time tracking your subcontractors

Also your subcontractors
registered automatically 

If you make use of subcontractors or freelancers, they can also use Salvo's special subcontractor app on your behalf. This way you do not only track the working hours of your own employees automatically, but also of the chain of subcontractors that works for you.

Uren registreren

Track working hours AVG compliant

Taking privacy very seriously is very important these days, both for the employees and the Works Council of your company, but also for the organization itself.

That is why Salvo is fully compliant with GDPR legislation.

Functionality and possibilities

Salvo enables fully automatic time registration for companies with 100+ field employees. To make this possible, Salvo develops and implements innovative time tracking solutions for its customers. The data obtained is integrated fully automatically into existing business processes without far-reaching changes in processes or systems. This leads to significant savings in time and money.


Fully automatic time tracking

No more friction in the information flow. Save time and money. 


Always insight into working hours & locations

Measure and adjust. At any time

Uren registratie


Working hours of your subcontractors automatically registered




Determine project locations yourself

and track who goes in and out.


Cloud based


Future-proof and scalable.
Always up to date.


API software


Everything remains as it was. And even better.


Set it

& forget it

One-time implementation.

We make sure it continues to work.

Uren app

App for

the field service

Reduce the administrative burden on field staff.

Uren app

Privacy GDPR compliant

Privacy compliant automated tracking of working hours.

Time to innovate

Schedule an appointment.

Salvo's solutions make your time registration process as efficient as possible in an innovative way may expire. This website gives you a global impression of its features. But there are even more interesting aspects that apply specifically to the process in your organization. We would like to take the time to go through these with you during a no-obligation telephone conversation. 

Call Salvo now:  +31 85 800 22 22

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