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API software integratie
API software integration

Connect the Salvo cloud to your time portal.

The locations and working time data recorded by the Salvo app, IoT sensors and the geofences around your project locations are passed to Salvo's secure cloud servers in real time. The cloud environment is integrated with your existing software systems via an API link. All data is thus visible in real time in the existing time portal, where it can be validated with the push of a button.

At Salvo, we understand that the software systems carefully implemented by your organization should not be disrupted.  


That is why Salvo integrates effortlessly with existing systems, such as your time portal and your (ERP) software.


Salvo's REST APIs are so well documented that your IT department can easily use the link.  

Because Salvo's solutions are cloud-based, you always work with the most current version. Salvo can therefore grow with changing needs and makes your organization future-proof.  


When your organization scales up or down due to changing circumstances, Salvo's automatic time registration grows effortlessly. 


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