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Geavanceerde geofencing
Advanced Geofencing

Who is present on a project when.

When an employee enters (or leaves) the site, this is registered. This makes it clear during the day which field employee or subcontractor has worked on which project for how long. 

In the online digital map you can create a geofence with a few mouse clicks at the project locations where the field staff will work. A geofence is a GPS demarcated area. You save these as projects, for example under the name of the client, including the project number.  


As soon as an employee drives onto the project site, he or she enters the geofence digitally. That moment is recorded as the start time. When the employee leaves the site, that moment is also recorded, but now as the end time. The employee himself does not have to do anything for this.


This way you as a company gain insight into the hard data. You know exactly who was working on which project at what time.  

The employee can always make changes or add comments.

So both the hard, measured data and the data added by the employee themselves are entered via the cloud into your existing time portal. 

Here are the benefits:

  • Employees no longer have to think about anything.

  • They can no longer forget to fill in. 

  • They no longer need to be proactive but reactive with their hours. 

  • They can no longer write that they started at 8 o'clock, if they did not drive into the site until a little before 8.30 am. 

  • There is no longer any need to physically submit anything, because all data is immediately available digitally in real time. 

  • They can no longer forget to hand in the notes, because the data is already available in the time portal before the employee is back at the company. If he even has to come to the company at all.

  • And nothing needs to be typed over by hand anymore, so the person doing the input work can be assigned to much more meaningful work.

  • In this way, the data is 100% correct and complete.

  • And because the project leader now has the hard, actual data AND what the employee thought of it, they can only really properly assess whether the data is approved and may be further processed. 


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