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Watch our special on-demand video training and

Discover how you can optimize the time registration process in such a way that you can save more than 1000 euros per employee per year.

In this video training:​

  • Do you see the 15 problems caused by your current way of registering hours (and how to avoid them).  

  • We make the 3 hidden cost items within your time registration process visible to you (and show you how you can save them completely).

  • Learn why just digitizing the time registration is not a good solution (and what is).

  • ​ Discover exactly what is needed for smooth and effortless time registration (and how to integrate it seamlessly with existing systems and processes).

  • We share our insights and experience in creating support for streamlining the time registration process within your organization. 

Enter your first name and e-mail address and click the button " Send me the link to the training " below. You will immediately receive an email with the link to the short video training so that you can start right away.


YES! I want to know how I can save on time registration and still keep the existing systems. Send my free video training now.


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