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Why Salvo

“In the past 20 years I have had the opportunity to look behind the scenes of all kinds of companies. There I saw that many companies had set up their time registration process rather inefficiently.   Field staff who still fill in their hours on paper and have to bring it to the office every day.
I thought: that could be easier. Much easier."

Ralf van de Ven   I  Director Salvo

Time to innovate


Hours worked at the vast majority of companies are still manually registered by each individual field employee. Or the hours worked are indirectly derived from a vehicle tracking system. Left or right, both processes are very inefficient, but companies have been content with this for years, because “there is nothing better on the market”.


Salvo has a new, innovative and proven solution where the registration  of the working hours is done directly from the field service employee himself, without him having to do anything himself. The Salvo app, in combination with the most modern cloud and geofencing techniques, registers hours fully automatically and provides 100% reliable data.  


Salvo makes the life of field staff a lot easier, because the time-consuming and error-prone administrative burden is removed from them.

The actual working hours are entered correctly and completely in the existing hours administration. For example, organizations that work with Salvo achieve substantial profits through both large cost and time savings.

A strong team

with solid partners

Salvo does not just offer a standard product or service, but the ideal combination of proven techniques that together form the solution. Salvo works with the best and most experienced experts in all these sub-areas. 

For example, the Salvo team consists of the best app builders, Microsoft, Samsung and Apple (cloud) experts and API developers.


In addition, Salvo works closely with the in-house teams of Samsung (for the development of the Salvo app) and Microsoft Azure (for the development of the secure and scalable Salvo cloud platform).  


To ensure GDPR compliance , we work together with the renowned privacy information security agencies.  

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