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The Salvo app

Know who is working, when and where.


The both user- and privacy-friendly Salvo app continuously and fully automatically tracks the locations and working hours of the field staff. Even if they have no internet coverage for a while. All data is uploaded to our secure cloud servers and from there, via an API link, passed on to your time portal. 

All field staff - including subcontractors - are equipped with the Salvo app on their smartphone. This can be a company smartphone or their own (bring your own device).  


With a few clicks the app is installed and active. The locations and working hours are registered immediately and fully automatically. The data is presented in the time portal via the cloud. This provides complete and up-to-date insight into the locations and working hours of all employees.

The Salvo app shows the field employee a timeline of that day. It lists the trips and the start and end times. This is the hard, objectively recorded data.  

If desired, the employee can add further nuances to this. This is called the soft data.

Both the hard, measured data and the soft, nuanced data are presented in the time portal. There, a project manager can immediately determine whether he agrees with the registered hours.

The employee can also toggle a privacy switch from Work to Private mode at any time in the app. In this way, the location tracking done by the Salvo app can be completely switched off in for example non-working hours.  


The employee is assisted in various ways the next working day to ensure that the privacy switch is switched back to Work mode at the right time and that the registration takes place as desired.


So the app thinks of everything and the staff is helped by the Salvo app to ensure their privacy. They don't have to think about anything themselves.  


With the user-friendly and privacy-friendly Salvo app, human actions are kept to a minimum. The hours are now registered for them instead of having to do it themselves on a daily basis. In doing so, they remain in control of what is communicated to the office staff. A big and important difference with the current process.

De Salvo app

The smart and better way to track hours.

without disrupting your existing systems and processes.
Phase 1


Download the Salvo app on the employees' smartphones.


Optionally integrate your existing vehicle tracking system into Salvo by placing the Plug-and-Play Salvo IoT sensors in your vehicles.

Then you create a project in the online Salvo portal  with a geofence . It is also possible to have several  geofences, for an even more accurate registration. 

Phase 2

During work.

As soon as an employee opens a geofence  enters the project site, the location and time are automatically recorded.


When leaving the customer, all information is presented in the employee's Salvo app.


With help of privacy mode  in the Salvo app, the employee is assured that his privacy is fully guaranteed in private time.

Phase 3

After the work is done.

The customer visits, working hours and journeys are immediately visible in the timeline of the Salvo app. At the end of the day, the employees agree with the push of a button. The data is then immediately available in your payroll and project administration.

The benefits of Salvo


Fully automatic time registration

Manual registration of hours, on paper or digitally, is a thing of the past. Start with fully automatic registration, collection and linking of the hours worked to  the existing systems of the organization. The result? A considerable saving in your process and therefore a considerable financial saving.

Uren app

Always insight into working hours and locations

From now on you have 24/7 real-time information such as hours worked and GPS locations of people and equipment. In this way you can steer, measure and make choices that are always based on the most current situation. This leads to an optimal, efficient deployment of personnel and vehicles.


Reliable GPS Tracking

Salvo's solutions process the GPS locations of field employees. So not the traditional vehicle tracking. This approach enables exact time and location registration. Stop basing cost estimates and calculations on inaccurate estimates. Choose for the 100% correct data from Salvo.


Accurate geofencing

The time registration by Salvo is based on advanced geofencing. At the start of a project, a GPS frame can easily be placed around any desired project location. Determine the locations where Salvo's automatic time registration may be used. That saves a lot of inconvenience and hassle for your people in the office and field staff.


Cloud based software

The software developed by Salvo runs in the cloud. This allows Salvo to anticipate technological developments now and in the future and incorporate them into its platform. So you always work with the latest version. For example, the time registration process within the organization is always up-to-date and scalable if desired.


API software integration

Salvo's solutions are seamlessly integrated with your time portal.  So no major replacement investments and no unrest within the organization. That's a big advantage. The processing of the data remains as it was… but better.


Set it & forget it

If you choose Salvo, you choose convenience. This also means that you opt for a one-off implementation, after which you can count on a completely carefree process of time registration. Set it and forget it.


App for the field service

The Salvo app automatically generates a timeline and presents it to the field employee in the app. He can optionally apply a nuance with a few clicks and, if desired, set the app to privacy mode. This keeps the administrative burden on the field staff to a minimum


Privacy GDPR compliant

The Salvo app that employees use on their smartphone has a privacy mode. Employees can enable it at any time. In work mode, all data is anonymized and encrypted. From A to Z, the entire process has been set up in accordance with the AVG guidelines. In this way, Salvo ensures that both your staff and, for example, the Works Council are reassured  and even be excited about using Salvo.

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